The White Court

The White Court is one of the Vampire Courts. White Court vampires are the most human-like of the Vampire Courts. They feed off the life force of their prey.

Unlike the other Courts, the White Court prefers to avoid direct confrontation with their enemies. They are for the most part, a court of schemers who prefer to stab each other in the back and use “Cat’s paws” in exquisitely detailed plots to impress the others in the Court, to the extent that direct confrontation is looked down upon and socially damaging.

White Court vampire’s are able to cross a threshold, but it cripples their ability to draw on their strength and speed.

The Hunger is fuels their power, strength and near immortality, they are born with it. Using their power makes them Hungry and they need to feed. Long term lack of feeding causes them use up their reserves of life force, then the Hunger takes over, and they go insane and eventually die if they can’t feed

The people they feed on get little pieces of their life nibbled away causeing some degree of spiritual damage. It leaves them vulneralbe to the allure so that theWhites can easily make return visits. If they keep getting fed upon, they go into a mindless daze and eventually die.

The White Court

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